In September 2004 I had the chance to go to South Africa for business during one week. I decided to fly in the week end before to go to the Kruger Park and to stay the week-end after to fulfil one of my dreams: diving with the Great White Shark. To my excitement everthing worked out great, I hired a car to go to Krugerpark from Johannesburg (it took me 3 hours), found instantly a hotel at the entry to the park at Maputo Gate and saw everything I wanted to see during these 2 days. On the second week-end I was lucky because the friday before turned out to be a bank holiday so I had an extended week end. I flew down to CapTown, rent a car and went straight to Gaansbai, the worlds capital for white shark diving and as I realized only a few miles away from Hermanus/ Walker bay: one of the only places on the world where one can watch whales from the shore.

Thanks to the Diving School, Carcharias, I found two Bed&Breakfast on the shore of the sea. The first one was "the Kelders", avery nice elderly coupleand the second was called "Marebella".  It's worth checking it under www.marebella.co.za as it is superb designed and I was lying on my bed to watch the whales. Not to talk from the friendly couple who holds this 5* B&B. I let you judge yourself by the pictures. Enjoy it.

Click here to see the 7MB Flash video of the White Shark Excursion incl. diving!