In 1993 we went to Egypt, more precisely Safaga. When we went there, only 3 Hotels were standing and we stayed at the Lotus Bay, a 5*Hotel under Swiss management with a German dive base. One week non-limit for less than 500 Marks. Value for money!

We had the chance to dive on the Salem Express, a vessel that sunk in 1991. Hundreds of pilgrims died in this accident and when we dove there still all the suitcases, stereos and even the umbrellas were around the wreck (30m depth). The most impressive thing was that even the rescue boats were still fixed.

Lots of fish all over and the possibilitie to see hardly anything. We saw manta rays, played with dolphins, saw leopard sharks and and and..

That's the way it looked then: (arriving at Shab Sheer)

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