In December 1995 we spent 2 weeks on Hembadoo an island in the northern Male Atoll.

We saw lots of manta rays, grey reef sharks and in the resort wreck 6 Napoleons who even slept on the stairway..

The diving was expensive and for those who didn't know: non-limit diving on the maledives doesn't include the fees for the boat. So must pay about $10 per boat dive extra....and they didn't accept credit cards...

We did also a dive at the island of Male, e.g. at the Banana Reef and at the famous Maledive Victory, a huge wreck just off the runway of the airport. At the banana reef extreme currents forced us to stop a dive and there were people who didn't want to dive there again after the experience they had with siphons and downward going currents..



In 2002 we went to a 2nd Isle: Helengeli (click here to seee more)