In spring 1997 we went for 1 week to Mallorca. After a desastorous experience which reminded us of the TITANIC ( a dive in the harbour from an inflatable which sank..), we changed the dive base and we went up to the north to San Telmo. Here a very clean and new base laughed to us. And what a surprise: the brother of one of my collegues from studies held this base.. 

All dives were boat dives and we were mainly diving at Dragonera, a small island some hundred meters from the shore. A very good visibility and lots of morray eels and some barracudas. Very nice nudibranches and even a thuna. Sometimes dives are possible in a grotto with stalagtites. Unfortunately not when we where there..


Yes, all these fotos are from Mallorca, in the mediterranian sea and not from the carribean..