Rémy Lambert and myself in 1998


We are a few freaks, all riding a HONDA XR 400, a great bike for Off-roading, especially in the swiss mountains. This is an image taken at the "Croisière Blanche 1998". This is a 3 day rally in the french alps, precisely at Orcières. It has also the nickname "The Dakkar of the snow".... Great even for beginners! All you need are spikes and a bike that is not too heavy.

You sleep every night at the same hotel and you're assisted by a great organisation with technical and medical assistance. The only thing: if you want to participate you will have to have spikes... You like it? So did we. That's why we came back in 2000!!

And in 2002..It was even better. Lots of fun more than 80 quads on the start and more than 80 motorcycles. Thanks to Marc Deforel for his great support and thanks to my XR which let me climb up anywhere.

4.4.2004 in Switzerland

During the 3h endurance race at Bière

Again at Bière

With Lois Pelisson and Gilbert Argo in France

Gilbert Argo on a snowy sunday morning in the Swiss Jura

In 1998 my first "Croisière Blanche" in the French Alps

La Croisère Blanch in 2000