Phuket, PHI PHI,  Similan and Surin Island, Richelieu Rock

In march 1998 we went to Phuket Thailand. After some nice dives at Phi-Phi
island where we saw seasnakes, leopardsharks and lots of coral, we went to 
our final destination: The cruiseboat for our live-aboard to the Similan and Surin Islands with the highlight of


  This is one of world's most famous sites for whalesharksighting and we had the chance to see 7 whalesharks within 2 days ranging from 3 to 8 m. The only disadvantage was the visibility. Sometimes you could only see the shark when he was as close as 2m to you, seconds later you could see it entirely. But the quantities of fish and all these whalesharks excused this visibility.   

Many special thanks to the excellent team of the cruiseboat. Fantastic food (hand-madepasta from the captain's wife on the boat) and excellent service for a real low price. We can only recommend them.