We went 2 times to Thailand and despite the bad image it's really great. The first time we went to Phuket and then up to Phi Phi island.

bulletPhi Phi island was in 1998. We spent a few days diving around this magnificant island and we could enjoy the colourful world of the indian ocean.

bulletWe soon left back to Phuket from where we organized a 5 day trip to the Similan Islands and to Surin , especially the famous Richelieu Rock. This trip was done with Dive Asia and we were highly satisfied. Great food and lots of diving. The highlight was the diving with the whalesharks (8 times) at Richelieu Rock. A sea mountain far away from the shore, reaching just below the surface. The bad thing was the changing visibility (March). Between 2 and 25 meters during the same dive. Sometimes we were not sure if it was due to the incredible quantity of different fish or due to the plankton or due to the shadow of a whaleshark that it became dark. I'll soon scan these photos and add them here.
bulletWe returned in 2001 in the hope of seeing whale sharks again and so we booked again the Similan Island tour. This time 7 days and especially Richelieu Rock and believe it: we did not see one whale shark.

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